Books by Scott Harrington

Wet Work

Trace Conner, Book 1

An experimental high-tech program is stolen and the Department of Defense courier found dead, with no obvious signs of murder. Colonel Thomas, head of security for MIGIsoft contacts the FBI and begins to look for answers. As the unexplained death toll rises, Colonel Thomas reaches out to Trace Conner, a Ninjutsu teacher, for his expertise. What starts as a security evaluation, becomes a life or death struggle in corporate espionage. Can a modern-day Ninja prevail against a far more experienced killer?

Lethal Blossoms

Trace Conner, Book 2

A Kunoichi, a female Ninja, has begun murdering Yakuza members in Tokyo. The murders are violent and nearly impossible to believe. Trace Conner, an American Ninjutsu instructor, is asked to come to Japan and help because it is believed that he knows the Kunoichi and may be able to stop her. Once there, Conner finds that he does know her but has almost no hope of stopping the murders. Following a trail of death that takes him all over Japan, he tries to catch the killer without getting killed himself. In the process, he learns aspects of Ninjutsu that had been hidden from him for more than a decade.

Frost Giant

Trace Conner, Book 3

Quantum computers are the next big thing. A router capable of allowing those computers to talk to each other, securely and near instantaneously, will be worth billions of dollars. As the first “Quantum Router” nears completion, the lead inventor is murdered. When the surviving creator doesn’t believe the story of his ‘suicide’, she hires Trace Conner, a master Ninjutsu instructor, for protection. The simple bodyguard job quickly evolves into non-stop action as kidnapping, murder, and high tech treachery chases them around the world after the enormous prize.

Last Breath

Trace Conner, Book 4

The Three Dragons triad has an axe to grind with Trace Conner. Still mad about the loss of money from stolen tech and the death of their best assassin, they set out to make Conner pay. When the Chinese organized crime syndicate goes after Conner’s friends and students, Trace decides that it is time to bury the hatchet. In the triad’s heart.

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